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Candice Alexander

Candice AlexanderAlexander Art Studio was founded in 2002 by Candice Alexander with a old school room, chalkboard and a huge idea. She started her journey as an artist in the old Historic Central School Building in Lake Charles, LA.

With over 350 Original Fleur de lis designs inspired by Louisiana's rich culture, the work speaks to the diverse colors of the Cajun, the Roughneck, the Creole, the Hurricane Survivor, the Swamp Rocker, the Rice Farmer, the Mardi Gras Queen, and the Jazz Musician. The "Fleur de lis-Worlds Within Series" began in 2007 and captures the essence of the artist's native community.

For the past 5 years, it has been a dream come true...and that's because of the love and support from our fans, friends, and connections like you. We invite you to visit the 5,000 sq. ft. gallery/studio space and view over 12 years of design and inspiration.

The body of work began and was copyrighted in 2007, "Fleur de lis-Worlds Within Series". It is the essence of a native community. It speaks to the diverse colors of the Cajun, the roughneck, the Creole, the hurricane survivor, the swamp rocker, the rice farmer, the Mardi Gras queen, and the jazz musician. Having starved and travelled around the world collecting inspiration for her art, nothing has brought Candice Alexander more creativity and more alignment with her community than the famous fleur de lis series. You will find original Fleur de Lis artwork designed for special occasions and holidays, professions, sports lovers, Mardi Gras and much, much more.

Every piece you will find in this gallery is mastered, signed, numbered and embossed by Candice D. Alexander.