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French Quarter Candles

French Quarter CandlesExperience the incredible scents of French Quarter Candles! Made right here in the French Quarter of New Orleans, each fragrant candle boasts exquisite and unique aromas. The candles are currently offered in an 8 oz. tumbler with wax seal and come packaged in a gift box. 100% Soy wax with no additives or artificial stabilizers. Candles burn virtually soot free. Candles will burn 80 to 85 hours.

Candle Care:
Keep your candles out of drafts.
If candle begins to soot, trim your wick to 1/4”.
FQC candles should burn 80 - 85 hours.
Candles are handmade, variations may occur.
Candles should be burned 2 to 4 hours per lighting.

FQC candles will have a creamy, off-white color because they do not contain any artificial coloring. You may notice flaking in the wax and/or spots through the glass that look “wet.” This is because soy wax is crystalline by nature and temperature sensitive; it expands and contracts. FQC candles are purposely made with 100% natural soy wax, without any additives, to prevent this from occurring.