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Featured Designer - Niven Morgan

On St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. In the souks of Marrakech. By the sea in Mustique. Niven Morgan travels the world capturing the essence of exotic locales to serve as the spirit of his luxury line of products. He has built an aromatic empire of candles, soaps, lotions, and home scents, with much inspiration drawn from his global excursions, as well as from fond childhood memories of his family’s Louisiana farm.

Bridal Gift Ideas

Bridal Gift Ideas

Artstones Plaques are beautiful keepsakes that become treasures!  These Louisiana-made items have been one of our best sellers for a reason!  Perfect for wedding, anniversary or graduation gifts!  Custom options are also available!

Made In Louisiana - Art by Jax

Made In Louisiana - Art by Jax

Jax's mini line of art - Little Views - depicts images and icons of New Orleans and Louisiana life on 4 x 4" canvas. Little Views have been known to be found simply everywhere these days - from Norway to Puerto Rico! Over 10,000 minis have been sold worldwide.

A Passport to the French Quarter!

A Passport to the French Quarter!

Get deals at lots of French Quarter restaurants, shops and more!  The passport is good all summer long and is presented by the French Quarter Business Association!  Yes--WhatsNew is offering a great deal, too!

For more info, visit www.fqba.org

Schwegmann Bag Charm - Bead
Fleur De Lis Casserole
Alabama Pillow
Dashaway Cupid Reindeer Figure by Patience Brewster
Fleur de Lis Charm - Bead
Niven Morgan Gold Body Wash 11 oz
Hurricane Drink Charm - Bead
Two Old Goats Lotion - 2 oz
Patience Brewster Star on High Figure
Fleur de Lis Toilet Flush Handle
Crawfish Charm - Bead
Niven Morgan New Orleans Candle
Medium Oyster Shell Tree, 10"
Shrimp Trivet by Dana Wittmann
Patience Brewster Nativity Set
Pecan Picking Platter by Clementine Hunter
Fleur de Lis Waffle Maker
Chihuahua Ornament by Patience Brewster
Christmas Fleur de Lis
Fleur de Lis Serving Bowl
Florida Frosted Drinking Glass
Pelican Wine Glass
Sitting Trumpet Player Statue
Solar Pope
Red Rose Wine Goblet
Large Quill Graphite
Mardi Gras Bead Tree Little View Painting
Baby Plaque - Boy or Girl
Fleur de Lis Pitcher by Arthur Court
Galatoire's Little View Painting
Tour Time at Melrose Plantation Giclee - Clementine Hunter
Louisiana Mudbug
Tchoupitoulas Candle by French Quarter Candles
Standing Clarinet Player Statue
Sitting Horn Player Statue
Black & Gold Ice Spacer Charm - Bead

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  • Niven Morgan Gold Body Lotion 11 oz

    Niven Morgan Gold Body Lotion 11 oz


    A rich, shea butter softening fluid in a drift of velvety softness, leaving no oily after-touch. Blended with extracts of Arnica, Cucumber, Algae, vitamins A, C, E and Pro-Vitaming B-5. The Gold Fragrance is Niven Morgan's original, distinct scent. Gold is an elegant blend of floral and herbal notes, polished with hints of aromatic oil. The result is a complex, sophisticated bouquet that lingers luxuriously. Rich with fragrant topnotes of Amber, Egyptian Neroli and Italian Bergamot.

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  • Garden District Streetcar Little View Painting

    Garden District Streetcar Little View Painting


    "Little Views" Mini Art Jax has created a line of original mini paintings inspired by the beloved scenes, landmarks, architecture, products, food, and folks that surround her life. Each piece is 4 x 4" signed original painting on a 1-12" wide canvas in mixed media with high texture and brilliant colors. No two are exactly alike. Collect them one by one - hang them in a group - give them as gifts!

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  • Pelican Wine Glass

    Pelican Wine Glass


    Each piece in the Yurana collection is handmade using a variety of techniques and tools developed over the centuries. Because each piece is individually created by the artist - no molds are used and no two pieces are exactly alike. Thus, all pieces are produced in limited quantities; therefore, they are especially precious and valuable to anyone's collection.

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  • Fleur De Lis Dinner Plate

    Fleur De Lis Dinner Plate


    Ceramic dinner plate. Our exclusive Fleur de Lis Dinnerware Collection is oven, dishwasher and microwave safe. Handmade in Italy. Dimensions: 10.25" Diameter.

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  • Baptism on Cane River Platter by Clementine Hunter

    Baptism on Cane River Platter by Clementine Hunter


    Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 2.5". Clementine Hunter captures in this work the ritual of baptizing new church members in the Cane River. Here Clementine Hunter depicts the local Catholic Church in the background with the Baptist tradition of immersion. This was always a joyous time for young and old. Baptizing in the Cane River is a community tradition in Natchitoches, Louisiana. This event is typical of the paintings Clementine did documenting life on a rural plantation in central Louisiana in the first half of the twentieth century. Each ceramic is hand-painterd and no two are exactly alike. Each piece has its own distinctive shape whose textured surface allows you to feel the passion in her work. With each piece purchased, a percentage of the proceeds goes back to Clementine Hunter's estate to further promote Clementine Hunter.

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  • Dashaway Dasher Reindeer Figure by Patience Brewster
  • Crawfish Charm - Bead

    Crawfish Charm - Bead


    Moments by Boujo have designed a new charm collection that captures those special moments we share with family and friends while living in New Orleans. Moments like midnight mass at the Cathedral, that streetcar ride down St. Charles Avenue to the Zoo, masking for Mardi Gras, going to Canal St. at Christmas to see you know who, our passion for the Fleur de Lis, our obsession for the beloved Water Meter, the Black and Gold's big Super Bowl win, and the single biggest moment in our city's history, Hurricane Katrina. We were truly in the eye of the storm. Capture the moments of your life New Orleans style with a collection that will last a lifetime. All Charms fit on Pandora-style bracelets!

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  • Fleur de Lis Pasta Bowl

    Fleur de Lis Pasta Bowl


    Milk glazed terracotta pasta bowl with fleur de lis relief. Size: 14" x 2.5"

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