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Arthur Court Designs

The original rock star Arthur Court was one of eight children raised on a farm in Minnesota. He served in the Navy during WWII and traveled extensively around the Pacific Rim, opening his eyes to the exotic far east. After the Navy Arthur settled in San Francisco, attended the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design. In 1966 Arthur opened his own interior design company and a store that offered unusual objects of art, mineral specimens and furniture. As a result of his projects, he began traveling and importing exotic objects from the Pacific Rim. His reputation grew and soon his collections were featured in Neiman Marcus and Gumps. Arthur's casting ability came from a line of jewelry which he designed using fossils, shells, bones and stones. The bone concept inspired a cast aluminum Antler furniture line that has been a signature look for Arthur Court since the sixties and is now rare and sought after. Pedal to the metal In the late 1970's Arthur started casting aluminum serveware. It was picked up by Neiman Marcus, I Magnin, and Gump's. Aluminum was not known at the time to the department stores. In the 1980's alternative metals was a new category and was picked up by the larger stores, became a booming business. Arthur showed in all the gift and furniture shows through out the United States and built his brand name, personally attending the shows and selling his product. Sand-cast aluminum is what Arthur is known for today. Arthur Court is a leading national brand name in alternative metals. Inspired by nature, he crafts this cool, lustrous metal into themes of plants and animals that add elegance to the dining experience. Today's bride does not want to polish silver and has the choice not to, with this beautifully functional aluminum serveware. In the last 45 years Arthur Court Designs (ACD) has become one of the leading brands of aluminum serveware. Some of the first pieces Arthur designed are still in the line. Now his daughter, Charlene is carrying on the tradition of designing unique objects for home entertainment and gifts. The Company Today ACD is an employee friendly company. They are the first company to install solar in their business park. We have a beautiful garden for open space. Dogs are allowed to come to work and in 1991 Arthur and Elena founded the Arthur and Elena Court Nature Watch Conservancy a 501 C-3. A portion of all sales are donated to the conservancy which supports research and education for environmental causes.

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